What's palera1n / palera1n GUI?

Palera1n is a work-in-progress (semi-) tethered checkm8-based jailbreak for iOS 15.0–16.2, made by @itsnebulalol, @mineekdev, @dedbeddedbed, @bestdevelopr, and @riscv64Palera1n GUI is essentially just a graphic user interface program for the palera1n jailbreak made by @ios_euphoria.

palera1n GUI Change Log

- Initial developer release of palera1n GUI.
- Say hello to the all-new palera1n GUI app! Jailbreaking with palera1n made easier.
- See FAQ for compatible iOS/iPadOS devices, and computers you need to run palera1n GUI.

- Smaller download file size 589mb instead 1201mb.
- New readme instructions in the Palera1n GUI-v1.1 folder.
- Fixed dependencies file!

- Fixed device pairing (kinda of broken in v1.0, & v1.1, but fixed now in v1.2.4)
- Removed these buttons -> "Remove Semi-Tethered Jailbreak", and "Remove Tethered Jailbreak" and replaced it with "Remove Jailbreak". 
- Some more UI changes
- Fixed a bug that prevents booting a iOS device

Downloads for macOS users
Downloads for Linux users

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