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DISCLAIMER: I (@iTechExpert21, the @palera1n team & @ios_euphoria) are NOT responsible for any damages done to your devices.

When executing the commands in the install steps below, kindly exercise patience as the necessary packages may take some time to install.

Please keep in mind that the palera1n GUI software is still in its early development stages, thus nothing should be expected to function flawlessly at this time.

if you need help entering DFU mode for step 6 in the instructions below, search online or on YouTube how to put (the device you have) in DFU mode.

Don't know if your device supports the palera1n jailbreak? Click -> "FAQ".

Jailbreaking with palera1n GUI (Step by Step)

Instructions on how to Jailbreak with the palera1n GUI app is below, (Instructions are right below the image, each instruction has its own image or images). If you want, you may also follow this YouTube tutorial on Jailbreaking with the palera1n GUI. *Part 1: WATCH NOW* *Part 2: WATCH NOW* Otherwise, get started by following step 1 below!
Step 1 (Downloading Palera1n GUI)

Download a palera1n GUI version from here -> "DOWNLOADS". Double-click the downloaded file to open it; you will then see a new folder "Palera1n GUI-, followed by the version number". (Be sure to take note of the location of the folder because we'll need it for later.)

Step 2 (Installing Homebrew)

We must now install Homebrew in order to download the rest of the packages we need for this checkm8 jailbreak, so launch your browser, navigate to brew.sh, copy the command that appears below the words "Install Homebrew," then open a new terminal window, paste the command there (just like in the image above), then hit enter to install homebrew and all of its required packages.

Step 3 (Installing the other required packages)

Open the "Palera1n GUI-, followed by the version number" folder you downloaded in step 1, then drag and drop install_deps4.sh into a new terminal window, then hit enter to run it. After that, follow any pop-up instructions that might appear and, if necessary, enter your Mac password when asked too.

Step 4 (Launching the palera1n GUI)

Open a new terminal window, then type: sudo xattr -rd com.apple.quarantine *drag palera1n GUI folder here* (just like in the image above, looking at the terminal window with the word sudo) This command fixes any potential issues loading files that were downloaded from the internet.

Open a new terminal window, type: cd, drag the "Palera1n GUI-, followed by the version number" folder into terminal, then right after the version number, type semi-colon python3 palera1n.py (just like in the image above, looking at the terminal window), then click enter to open the palera1n GUI app.

Step 5 (Pairing your device)

Now, it's time to Jailbreak your iPhone! (See supported devices / software versions here) Click pair idevice, once your device is paired, click ok. Now, choose between a semi-tethered jailbreak or fully tethered, afterwards click the one you want, so for me semi-tethered. (Click here to see the differences between semi-tethered and tethered)

Once you click one, you will be prompted to type your iOS/iPadOS version. "If you don't know what yours is, go to Settings > General > About to find out your device's version. Your device version can be found below your device's name." Once you find out the version, type it in when asked.

Step 6 (Starting the jailbreaking process)

Once you type it in when asked, a message will pop-up saying "We will now attempt to jailbreak (your device version)". After this, click ok, then click on the terminal window so you can see the jailbreak process.

Another message will pop-up after, saying "Please enter DFU mode! Once the device is in DFU mode, press Ok." Go ahead and enter DFU mode, then once you enter DFU mode, click ok. (Please be aware that you may need to enter DFU mode twice.)

Step 7 (Computer part of jailbreak is now done!)

Once you see a message saying "Device is now jailbroken!", and terminal says the same, and doesn't show any errors. You can now quit terminal on the Mac, and move over to your iPhone to finish the installation.

Step 8 (Final step!)

Launch palera1n on your device, then click install. After you click install, if you get an alert saying "Substitute - Request for Permission", click on any option, then respring. After your device has resprung, launch Sileo, then click on the updates tab. Before you click upgrade all, the latest diskdevs-cmds update might not work well with iOS 15/16, so I would advise for you to click on diskdevs-cmds then click on the 3 dots in the top right corner, then ignore future updates, then click on the updates tab again then upgrade all. Then you are off! Start installing compatible tweaks, and enjoy your jailbroken device!

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